LEFFER can rely on experience in gasholder construction from more than 100 projects worldwide


The Problem
The gasholder was developed as the result of a wide demand for a gasholder of relalively light weight which would combine large effective capacity with dependable operation and modest outlay for foundations, even under poor or erratic subsoil conditions such as may be encountered in mining areas.

The solution
Adoption of the proved elements of telescopic gasholder construction - in particular the positive liquid seal - whilst substantiatly reducing the quantity of sealing fluid and the detrimentel working load.

Design principle
In a polygonal hollow shell, stiffened at the upper end by Ihe roof and at the lower end by Ihe foundation, a sealing element - the piston - the position of which varies according to the content and which controls the pressure at the same time, floats on the gas.

The gasproof seal between the shell and the piston is effected by an ingenious device in conjunction with a fluid sealing medium



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