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This is what we understand by quality:

  • Quality is the drive of our daily work, we want to be better.
  • LEFFER is the industry leader when it comes to quality.
  • LEFFER creates business value for its customers and for itself through appropriate quality.
  • All employees are encouraged, motivated and competent to deliver quality that meets the highest standards.

Quality principles:

  • We know our processes are being continuously improved to increase efficiency and quality.
  • Everyone is responsible for quality; we know the opportunities and risks directly and indirectly associated with our actions and processes.
  • To know, to understand and to fulfill the requirements of the customer, the regulations, the legislator and the supervisory authorities.
  • This quality guideline and our procedural instructions must be adhered to - 100%.

Our commitment to quality:
We commit ourselves

  • to comply with defined regulatory requirements.
  • to provide and monitor the framework conditions for the establishment and verification of quality objectives.
  • to review the efficiency and effectiveness of our quality efforts and to promote continuous improvement.
  • to reduce business risks by transparent and effective management of our processes.
  • to develop suppliers, to maintain mutually beneficial business relationships with them and to ensure that suppliers consistently comply with our requirements.
  • Provide training, support and appropriate infrastructure to ensure compliance with our quality policy and objectives.
  • to ensure that leadership roles are visibly perceived.
  • to ensure that our quality policy is appropriately communicated, applied and understood by all.


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