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Our field site staff has experience of many years in erection work involving:

  • structural steelwork
  • components, vessels, columns and pumps as well as prefabricated assembly units in chemical and petrochemical plants
  • maintenance and restructuring measures in power plants, steel mills, refineries and chemical plants
  • waterway steel construction
  • pipework
Structural Steelwork

Since 1946, LEFFER has fabricated, delivered and field-installed steelwork of all kinds of conventional steel building and plant construction.

Interlacing of structural steelwork with other company divisions of LEFFER enables us to use all the technical equipment and the experience also for subdivisions of structural steelwork, such as construction of gasholders, furnaces and electric filter housings.

In the subdivision of waterway steel construction we fabricate, deliver and install e.g. mitre gates and sector gates for sluices.

Mainenance and repair work

In many customer facilities LEFFER is permanently present to perform maintenance and repair work within framework agreements in the fields of structural steelwork, pipeline construction, and building automation and control.

Moreover, we offer repair and upgrading services in flue gas treatment plants (electrostatic precipitators, air preheaters, flue gas ducts ...) as well as gasholders.